FlackCheck Wants SuperPacs to Stand By Their Ads

Last Friday, WNYC’s On the Media featured Kathleen Hall Jamieson, of the Annenberg Public Public Center at the University Pennsylvania, and discussed a new SuperPac monitoring project by FlackCheck.org called, Stand By Your Ad.

The project is designed to hold third-party political campaign advertisements accountable for the (mis) information delivered in their content. FlackCheck has created an email and station database, so that viewers can request that their local stations quit carrying inaccurate, polarizing political advertisements. It’s a smart effort to keep citizenry informed, and MCH will be working with FlackCheck to provide campaign Ad information this summer – so stay tuned!

  Also, if you’re an OTM fan and appreciate the excellent reporting provided by Brooke and Bob at On the Media, please support their programming. Clicking the image to pledge directly.

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